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2022-10-01 14:07
本文摘要:本周六就要考研了,你们的作文准备好了吗?今天小编为大家整理考研英语的高频话题,以下是按泛起的频率统计。最后提醒一下,最后几天建议大家不要熬夜,一定要休息好。 这时候,每小我私家都市紧张,可是一定要学会自我调治,择一种方式去放松。



这时候,每小我私家都市紧张,可是一定要学会自我调治,择一种方式去放松。小我私家品质类★★★★★没有行动,梦想只是梦想The picture aims at revealing a simple truth: without action, any goal is just a fantasy.没有行动,梦想只是梦想No one can deny the fact that taking action is extremely essential to achieving your goals.没有人能否认接纳行动对于实现目的是极其重要的。Only by turning your dream into action, can you really realize it.只有把梦想酿成行动,你才气真正实现它。

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. "千里之行,始于足下The more action we take, the more likely we are to accumulate experience, master skills and get close to our destination.我们接纳的行动越多,我们就越有可能积累履历、掌握技术并靠近我们的目的。“逆境造人才”There is no denying the fact that it is rough times that make us grow faster.不行否认的事实是,难题使我们发展得更快。The home is our comfort zone, and the longer we stay there, the less likely we would be able to deal with life s storms.家是我们的舒适区,我们在那里呆得越久,就越不能应对生活中的风暴。

Just as a saying goes, greenhouse flowers cannot survive the unpleasant weather outdoors.温室的花朵经不起外面的风雨We should not be content with a life of ease,instead,we should be brave enough to take>我们不应该满足于清闲的生活,而应勇于接受挑战,成就最好的自己。职业道德类★★★★★诚信What s more, when we have integrity, we gain the trust of others. We re dependable, and we become role models for others to follow when we hold ourselves accountable for our actions.更重要的是当我们诚信时,我们会获得别人的信任。

我们是可靠的,当我们对自己的行为卖力时,就会成为别人学习的模范。Every time we do what we think is the right thing even though no one else sees us do it, we have taken a big step toward strengthening our integrity.纵然没有人看到,我们也能每次都做自己认为是正确的事情,就是向增强诚信迈出了一大步。信任危机First and foremost, people will be deprived of(被剥夺) much since they become over-cautions and feel insecure all the time. Besides, a lack of trust is detrimental to personal relationships since “Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundation principle that holds all relationships.” Last but not least, people’s loss of trust in the government could intensify social contradictions(加剧社会矛盾).首先,人们时刻小心审慎,没有宁静,因此被剥夺了许多兴趣。此外,缺乏信任对人际关系有害,因为“信任是生活的粘合剂。


”最后应特别指出的是,人们对政府失去信任会加剧社会矛盾。Therefore, it is high time that (正是......的时候)we called>因此,现在汇聚各方气力应对信任危机正当其时。一方面,政府应当着力推荐诚信体系建设。另一方面,公共媒体也应该在恢复人与人之间的相互信任方面发挥努力作用。

社会热点类★★★★“共享”类话题It can be clearly seen from the drawing that there are several kinds of shared activities(共享运动) that urban citizens are enjoying much. On a closer look, a boy is using his mobile phone to unlock a shared bike that is parked in right order. Moreover, there is a traveler-looking young man recharging his mobile phone at a shared charging station, and there are several readers focusing>从图中可以清楚的看到都会住民正在享受几种共享运动。仔细看,一个男孩正在用他的手机解锁一辆按正确顺序停放的共享单车。此外,另有一个像在旅游的年轻人在共享充电站给手机充电,另有几个读者在共享图书馆看书。

Commercial and non-profitable shared activities make the metropolitan life more convenient. Furthermore, the limited resources(有限的资源) in highly populated areas(人口麋集的地域) can be reallocated (重新分配) and then utilized more efficiently. In effect, with human society evolving, the proportion of private property may gradually decrease to escape the heavy dependence>商业性和非营利性的共享运动使都市生活越发便利。此外,有限的资源在高度麋集的地域可以被重新分配,使使用更有效率。事实上,随着人类社会的生长,私人产业的比例可能会逐渐下降,以挣脱对情况的严重依赖。

师德问题Unfolded before us is a cartoon simply drawn yet profoundly meaningful.+图片形貌展现在我们眼前的是一幅简朴却意义深远的漫画。Actually,teachers ethics is essential in the educational process.教师的道德在教育历程中是至关重要的。We can identify the significance of teachers ethics from the following perspectives. To begin with, it will help students to acquire the basic personal qualities for their future life. Furthermore, teachers ethics is a code of conduct that must be followed in the teaching process. Last but not least, teachers ethics is also critical for a progressive and healthy development.我们可以从以下几个方面来认识师德的重要性。

首先,它将资助学生为他们未来的生活获得基本的小我私家素质。此外,师德是教师在教学历程中必须遵守的行为准则。最后但并非最不重要的是,教师道德也是进步和康健生长的关键。If a teacher is honest, reliable and responsible and hence respected by all the people, the students will follow his or her suit and develop into such a person.如果老师老实,可靠,卖力任,受到大家的尊重,学生就会以老师为模范,也成为这样的人。

Based>基于以上分析,我们可以得出结论:教师应具备师德,尊重和敬服他们的学生,这样学生才气学会尊重他人。“低头族““手机病”Widespread use of smart phone and social media has changed in no small measure our way of communication, of shopping and of learning.智能手机和社交媒体的广泛使用在很大水平上改变了我们的交流、购物和学习方式。

We used to be vocal about the benefits that new technologies brought: they will lead to unprecedented job growth, support the economy and improve the quality of our lives.我们已往经常直言不讳地谈论新技术带来的利益:它们将带来前所未有的就业增长、支持经济并改善我们的生活质量。But it’s hard to ignore the growing public apathy in chatting with our friends in person.可是,当我们谈论到面临面地和朋侪谈天时,很难忽视民众日益增长的冷漠情绪。Regardless of the enormous amount of photos shared>只管脸书上有大量的照片,但现代都会住民越来越远离周围的情况,没有意识到代码和数字永远无法提供我们所盼望的人情味。"年轻人熬夜"问题We, specially the teenagers, should develop good living habits.(养成良好的生活习惯) Having a good rest is the fundamental need, which ensures us a strong healthy body and a good mood. We should go to bed early and get up early.我们,尤其是青少年,应该养成良好的生活习惯。


Staying up late(熬夜) is bad for our health.Besides, healthy eating habits(康健的饮食习惯)are of great importance, which leads to both physical and mental health.除此之外,康健的饮食习惯是很是重要的,它可以保证我们身体和精神的康健。We should eat more fruits and vegetables instead of biscuit,hamburgers and meat. Junk food is a fatal killer of our health, so we should stay away from it.我们应该多吃水果和蔬菜,而不是饼干、汉堡包和肉类。

垃圾食品是我们康健的致命杀手,所以我们应该远离它。环保类★★★★1、垃圾分类Worse still, in many places, waste is disposed of(被处置惩罚) by burning, and burning the recyclable waste(可接纳垃圾) like plastics will give off toxic(有毒的) smoke which pollutes the air.更糟糕的是,在许多地方,垃圾是通过焚烧来处置惩罚的,而焚烧诸如塑料之类的可接纳垃圾会释放有毒气体,污染空气。2、都会病The unprecedented (空前的)expansion of cities undoubtedly leads to the excessive concentration of population, which in turn brings about a series of problems, such as environmental pollution, traffic jam, increased crimes and high housing prices.都会空前的扩张无疑造成人口的过分集中,这反过来又会发生一系列问题,如情况污染、交通堵塞、犯罪增多及高房价等。Therefore, the focus of urban authorities(市政部门) should be>因此,市政部门应关注都会基础设施的整合和升级。

还应该重点建设一种机制来监视都会资源和情况的蒙受能力,以到达都会结构最优化。网络科技类★★★纸质书与电子书In recent years, with the popularity of (随着……的普及)electronic products such as iPad and smart phones, people’s reading habits have changed drastically(庞大的).近年来,随着平板电脑、智能手机等电子产物的普及,人们的阅读习惯发生了巨变。

After all(究竟), compared with paper books, e-books are not>究竟,与纸质书相比,电子书不仅利便携带,而且价钱越发自制。Moreover, a research shows that readers are easily distracted(分心) when they are reading e-books. Readers would find it more difficult to concentrate especially when the device is equipped with(设备被……占用) other apps like game apps.此外,另有研究讲明,电子书很容易让读者分心,尤其是当阅读设备上还装有其他软件如游戏软件时,阅读者越发难以集中精神。信息宁静Every year, thousands of people lose money due to(因为) telephone scams from a few bucks(美元) to their life’s savings(毕生积贮). Phone scammers devise(想出,图谋) many different types of detailed phone scams to establish trust or instill (贯注)fear or both.每年,成千上万的人因为电话诈骗而失去款项——从几块钱到他们的毕生积贮。

电话诈骗者设计了许多差别类型的详细的电话骗局来建设信任或向其贯注恐惧,或两者兼有。Hence, it is important to equip yourself with the tools to identify if the unwanted call you ve received is a scam.因此,我们要识别接到的电话是不是骗局。